9 New Year’s Resolutions for Campers

new years resolutions for campers

In just a few days, 2017 will become 2018. We will say “out with the old and in with the new.” One time honored tradition is to make a New Year’s resolution. Usually we resolve to shed those unwanted pounds, some of those were added during the recent Christmas celebration. Why don’t you make resolutions to enhance the pleasure you get from camping? Here are some suggested New Year’s Resolutions for Campers.

Don’t be Left Out – Get Those Reservations in Early

I don’t have to tell you, camping is very popular. The US economy is roaring right now and more people than ever are buying RVs and taking to the open roads. This has a very positive effect on the price of your used camper when you go to sell it. However, it also makes camping spaces harder to get especially during the Memorial Day, Fourth-of-July, and Labor Day Holidays. You may also notice greater difficulty finding camping spaces near resort areas all Summer long.

Don’t worry, a little advanced planning will ensure that you will be able to enjoy plenty of camping next Summer. Get out your calendar now, while most campers are still caught up in the holiday hoop-la, and start planning your trips. Decide where you want to go and begin making your reservations.

Travel the Unbeaten Pathsnew years resolutions for campers

If the popular and resorts are crowded, maybe it’s time to go in other directions. The US and Canada are vast countries with an abundance of open spaces. That burgeoning shore resort everybody flocks to was once a sleepy fishing village. There are many more places to discover.

Imagine unearthing one of these undiscovered gems. A beautiful location away from the hustle and bustle, away from the traffic and crowds. New things to find and learn. New people to meet. Find a few of these and you fall in love with camping all over again. All it takes is a little research.

Camp Unplugged – Try Wild Camping

As long as you are heading down the unbeaten paths, why not get off the path altogether? Try boondocking, that’s camping without hookups. There are thousands of places you can primitive camp. Check out the websites of your nearby State and National parks.

Go camping where the only sounds are those of nature and the crackling of your campfire. There are still places where on a clear night you can see millions of stars, where you will feel united with this wonderful planet. This is not merely a trip, it’s therapy.

Maintain and Modify – Keep Your RV in Tip-Top Shapenew years resolutions for campers

Take care of your RV and your RV will take care of you. This is the perfect time of year to do that needed maintenance. Get the brakes checked. Repack the bearings. Replace your tires if they are showing signs of wear or are out-of-date. These things may seem mundane, but being broken down on the side of the road is the type of excitement you can live without.

Give your camper a good cleaning. While you are it, maybe this is the year to paint the cabinets or dress up your windows with new curtains. Anything that makes your rig cleaner, brighter, or more spiffy will enhance your enjoyment of camping. Make a list of your most needed or desired modifications and begin breathing new life into your RV.

Make More Trips

You didn’t spend all that time and money refurbishing your RV so it would look pretty in the storage facility, did you? Get out and camp. Make up your mind you will experience the feeling that your house is the temporary abode and your camper is home. Why not? Your RV will wear out whether you use it, or not. Vow to make 2018 your best camping season ever.

Get that Piece of Gear You’ve Promised Yourself

Cut back on those unnecessary expenditures and put your money where your heart is. What items have you been telling yourself you really need? Maybe you want a generator. Perhaps a Tire Pressure Monitoring System would add to your peace of mind. (I think no rig should be without one of these) It could be one of your built in appliances, your stove, your fridge, or your hot water heater needs to be replaced. Save up your money and make that needed upgrade.

There might be other areas you want to consider. If your camper is older, this would be an ideal time to upgrade your lights to LEDs. In the long run this will save you money and cut down on your energy usage.

Go Winter Camping

Have you ever camped in the beautiful, silent winter. It is an exquisite pleasure all its own. I have already written two articles about Winter camping. Read this to get a sense of what winter camping is like.

Read this if you want some tips on how to stay warm at night.

Go Solarnew years resolutions for campers

The price of solar panels keep coming down. The power they provide has increased substantially. Almost anyone can now afford solar power. The benefits of generating electricity from the sun are substantial. Generators are noisy and fuel is expensive. Solar electricity is not going to replace generators any time soon, but they can greatly augment your supply of electricity. Some boondockers have all but eliminated their need of generators and shore power.

Volunteer to Clean Up at a National, State, or Local Park

Our national, state, and local governments have set aside land to ensure that we will always be able to enjoy nature. This is our land and it is our responsibility to conserve these wonderful lands. We can “pay it forward” by volunteering for clean up and maintenance days at our nearby parks.

Check out the websites for the parks in your area, often these days are listed and you can call and volunteer. Sometimes civic organizations will pool their people to work an area of a park. Usually, they are very happy for others to join with them. Let’s work together to ensure that beautiful parks are here for our children and grandchildren.

What is Your Camping New Year’s Resolution?

No doubt about it, my resolution is to go on more camping trips. You can watch this website and see if I keep my resolution.

What’s your resolution? Is it on the above list or have you made a different promise to yourself? Please let me know by leaving a comment in the box below. I’d love to discuss your resolution with you.

Happy New Year and Happy Camping.








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Camper Joe


  1. Currently, I run a camping and hiking blog, so that has taken up quite a bit of my time. I would rather spend it in the outdoors. I think that I will make more trips like you recommend. Even if I set aside one day a week to go on a hike, then it will make all the difference.

    I also like your recommendation to get that piece of gear that I have always wanted. I think that I will get a backpack solar panel for backpacking. They look great for keeping items charged.

    Thank you for this well written article and I hope you make it a great day!

    • Hi Alex, thanks for stopping by. There’s no reason why you can’t camp and work on your blog. Even if you go so remote that there is no possibility of a cell phone connection, you could compose your posts in a small, handheld device and upload it later. Writing on a small device can be annoying, but it is doable. Writing while camping would be the perfect inspiration. There is an article on my site that profiles some apps that will tell you if you will be able to get a cell signal wherever you may be going. You can find it here.

  2. Hello Joe, Wow, you have inspired me to really hit the road..now where is that RV I need..grin. But seriously how do we do this all on a shoe string, such as affording an RV?
    I am so ready to just sit in the beauty of Gaia. Thanks for this article. It is wonderful .I wish you great success. In peace and gratitude, ariel

    • Hi Ariel. Thanks so much for your kind words.

      I know several people who live full time in their RVs. To a person, they each tell me that it is cheaper to live in an RV than in a traditional house. They also claim to use less of the earth’s resources. I didn’t believe that at first, but they simply live on less. Less storage means less stuff. One man has even shown me that even though his rig burns more gas per mile than the average car, he actually uses less gas per year than the average US household. This is food for thought. You may not want to live in an RV full-time, but here is an article on finding places you can camp for free. Happy New Year.

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