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Camping is one of the best leisure time activities available. Whether it’s a weekend in the woods or a camping vacation. Camping appeals to nearly everyone. Camping is the perfect family activity, but it is also enjoyed by singles, and couples. Groups of people will get together for a camping trip, but there are also those who prefer to go it alone. Camping can be as simple as a backpack and a tent, or as luxurious as a forty-foot home on wheels. However you prefer to go, I share your joy in finding that perfect campsite, enjoying nature, or seeing animals in their natural habitat. I revel in the sublime pleasure of watching that magnificent sunset over the lake, and later, sitting by the warm, crackling campfire sharing stories with newfound friends.

My Uncle Gave Me a Tent

When I was five, my uncle Ray gave me his old army pup tent. I begged my mom to let me sleep out in our back yard. Mom eventually gave in, but she insisted on staying out there with me. There was something about the fresh air and the sounds of the out of doors, I was hooked.

A few years later, my parents gave me a new tent for Christmas. My buddies and I spent many a summer evening sleeping under the stars. I joined the Boy Scouts and learned how to do camping right.

As a young man, my love for camping grew. I used to keep my camping gear in my trunk so I could be ready to go camping whenever the opportunity would arise. My wife shares my love for camping. When our sons came along, the tent gave way to a pull behind “pop-up” trailer. My sons are now grown, but they still talk about the fun we had camping.

Technology is Enhancing Camping

Camping was once thought of as a “primitive” activity. Something for folks who like to rough it. Today, our modern gizmos and gadgets have touched every aspect our lives, camping included.

Cell phone, satellite communication, and the internet are enhancing the enjoyment of camping. For instance, a GPS can guide you away from the crowds to that perfect pristine getaway. Your own WIFI hot spot can make it possible for you to do your work at home tasks while enjoying nature. Cell phone apps – many which are free – can help you locate campgrounds, gas stations, ATMs, and emergency help while traveling in unfamiliar areas.

THE GOAL of Bestcampingapps.com

This site exists to bring you the best information about technologies that enhance camping. I understand this technology and I can show you how to get it, how to use it, and why you might want it. I will separate the essential from the fluff, and I will make the technology easy to understand.

In addition, I will give honest, straightforward reviews of the new products and technologies.

If you would like to ask a question, or leave a comment, go right ahead. I’d love to hear from you.

Happy Camping

“Camper” Joe Lennon


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