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find cheaper gasHere are some handy apps that you find cheaper gas. You can use these all the time, even when you are not camping. These apps will point you to the nearest gas station. They will also show you the fuel prices, so you can get the cheapest available gas.

If you are out of town and low on fuel, the last thing you want to do is drive around looking for a gas station. Likewise, don’t you hate it when you fill up and drive two blocks only to find the next gas station sells its gas for a dime less per gallon? When you are driving a rig that gets 7 to 12 miles per gallon, those dimes add up.

These apps aim to solve both those problems.

Save Money and Stress Less

Fuel economy is important. The cost of fuel is part of the cost of camping. Whether you drive a motorhome, pull a fifth wheel, or a travel trailer, your rig is not likely to get the mileage your car gets. These apps can help you achieve significant savings on fuel prices. They can also give you peace of mind of being able to find a gas station when you are running low on fuel.

Find Cheaper Gas with Gas Buddy.

Gas Buddy is a popular app that has been around for a while. It is available on both Android and I-phone devices. Gas Buddy boasts over 60 million users. This user base is important because Gas Buddy users are the folks who report gas price changes to the Gas Buddy database thus keeping the fuel prices Gas Buddy reports accurate. Gas Buddy offers incentives and rewards to users who send in fuel price reports.

Using your cell phone location, Gas Buddy will tell you the location of the nearest gas stations along with the last reported prices charged at that station. The price may be off a little bit due to lag time between the price change and a Gas Buddy user reporting the change.

There are also partner stations in the Gas Buddy network that report their own prices. I have used Gas Buddy and I found the prices to be accurate most of the time.

In addition to station location and prices, Gas Buddy also offers a trip calculator where you can enter your destination and information about your vehicle and Gas Buddy will tell you an approximate price for fuel on your trip. Gas Buddy will list where to stop to get the best prices.

With Gas Buddy, you can filter your search by the fuel grade or diesel. You can also filter your search if you are looking for something other than gas, for instance, you can look for stations that sell propane. A very handy tool for RVers, You can also filter to search for amenities like a car wash, or air for your tires. Perhaps you would like to see if there are any stations with a sit-down restaurant, or perhaps you need to grab some beer or wine. The filter in Gas Buddy helps you do this.

Gas Buddy is a cloud-based app and is free to use.

With Gas Guru, You Can Find Cheaper Gas.

This app is a gas station locator/price comparison app offered by the Yellow Pages. This app is available for I-phone and Android phones. Gas Guru uses your phone’s location to find nearby gas stations, the corresponding prices and directions to the station. You can filter your search by the grade of gas you want to buy, you can also filter based on your preference between price and distance.

Gas Guru is free to download.


This is a gas station locator/price comparison app with a slight twist. iExit is set up used strictly on interstate highways. As you enter the interstate, you turn on the iExit app and it will show you the gas stations at the upcoming exits and the prices charged. That way you can see which station at which exit has the best prices. Like the other apps listed above, you can search for a particular grade of fuel or for diesel. iExit will also have information about restaurants and lodging.

iExit is available for both i-phone and Android devices.

iExit costs .99 to download. That is not a lot of money and the iExit folks claim this is all you will ever have to pay. They will never charge you a subscription fee. A buck is not too much to pay to find cheaper gas.

Given the other apps are free to use, and the limited scope of the iExit app, I can’t recommend it. Campers need an app that can direct them to gas stations when they are way out in the boonies. Believe me, if you have ever been in a remote place, running low on fuel, you know what a lifesaver these apps could be.

Keeping You Moving Down the Road

It is wonderful to have the convenience of these apps that can make your life easier and help you find cheaper gas. However, all the apps in the world are no substitute for good planning. When embarking on a camping adventure, take time to plan your routes. Get information about the location of gas stations, restaurants, and other facilities on the way. Take time to know where the gas stations are in the area where you are planning to camp.

Some of our favorite campgrounds are a good distance from a cell tower. Some places we travel through have no cell service. It would be a mistake to depend solely on a cell-based device for directions or information. Keep this in mind when planning.

Then, go and have fun. Camping is a blast. Finding new places along the way is part of the adventure.

Do you have a favorite gas station locator app? Have you used one of the apps listed above? If so, what was your experience? I’d love to hear about it Leave me a comment.

Has this post helped you? I’d really like to know. Please leave a comment in the box below. 

Happy Camping.





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