Like a Swiss Army Knife – Best Camping App Utilities

Everybody has a “junk drawer”. In it is a collection of tools, fasteners, gizmos, and other things that defy categorizationbest camping app utilities. Yet, your junk drawer often comes in very handy. You will encounter a problem and something in that drawer provides the perfect remedy. So it is with these handy apps, they are some of the best camping app utilities,

The apps I will present in this article are like that. They have one, specialized purpose, Yet, if that is what you need, these handy apps can save you time, money, and perhaps a little stress.

With these apps you can turn your phone into an electronic version of the Swiss Army Knife.

I’ll show you apps that will:

  • Help you find a dump station.
  • Find the nearest ATM
  • Find the nearest recycling center
  • Check on the laws of the various states you are passing through.
  • Create and use a variety of camping/travel related checklists

When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go.

It seems that every RVer’s least favorite subject is gray and black water holding tanks. When you are living in your house on wheels, you have to empty those tanks. Finding dump facilities is usually no problem if you are staying in an established campground. Most public and private campgrounds have dump stations, many even offer onsite sewer hookups.

However, if you are boondocking, driveway surfing, or using some other alternate method of parking your rig, you may find yourself looking for a dump station.

Sanidumps is an app that will find you the nearest dump station from your current location. They claim to have the most comprehensive dump station search tool. The Sanidumps website even has step-by-step instructions on how to empty your holding tanks. There are also instructions on how to sanitize your fresh water tank and other, useful RVing tips.

Their database is continuously updated with locations on new dump stations and also info on dump stations that have closed. Sanidumps also gives you useful info on the dump station. It will show you whether the station has potable or non potable water, is big rig friendly, or handicap accessible.

Sanidumps is available for IPhone. The Android version is currently being updated.

Dump station locator apps are also available from Allstays.

When Cash is King – Finding an ATM

best camping app utilitiesDebit cards make spending so much easier – which isn’t always a good thing. There are times when you just have to have real paper money. Not everybody takes debit or credit cards. There are yard sales, sidewalk entrepreneurs, and one-person service businesses that deal only in cash.

Allpoint ATM Locator will direct you to the nearest ATM based on your current location. If your bank is in the Allpoint program, you even be able to find a surcharge free ATM. No need to spend an extra three or four bucks to get your own money.

Allpoint is free to download and is available for IPhone and Android.

Locate a Recycling Center

You love the outdoors and you want to preserve the beauty of nature and conserve natural resources. You can locate the nearest recycling center with iRecycle. This app will tell you what materials can be recycled, as well as the operating hours and location of the Recycling center.

iRecycle is available for IPhone and Android.

Ignorance of the Law is no Excuse

Laws vary from state to state. Things like the maximum length of your rig, overnight parking at rest stops, requirements for child restraints, and right turn on red. It would be nice to know before the State Trooper is writing your ticket, what the law is in the state you are passing through.

State Lines is an app that will put state laws relevant to driving/ traveling at your fingertips. The app is location aware so you get the laws for the state you are in as well as nearby states.

This app tracks over 55 pieces of travel information for each of the 50 states; including cell phone & texting bans, various state taxes including gas and diesel, towing & RV specific laws, rest area overnight parking limits, default speed limits, radar detectors, highway open container laws, pet leash laws, and more.

State Lines is location aware, so it can automatically show you information about nearby states. The State Lines database is integrated into the application, so it works even when you are out of cellular or WiFi coverage.

State Lines is available for IPhone and Android.


Checklists – Handy Reminders are Among the Best Camping Utilities

You hear an awful, crunching sound as you are putting out of the campground. This is a bad time to ask yourself if you remembered to retract the antenna or the steps.

Doris had driven her motorhome over 100 miles from the campground she was staying toward her next destination. She was congratulating herself on making excellent time. Stopping for fuel she noticed to her horror that her toad was not attached to her motorhome. A call to the campground she just left confirmed her fear. The car was still there. In her rush to get away. She had forgotten to hook up her toad.

best camping app utilitiesYou will probably never forget a vehicle, but how many times have you had to buy something you already had because you forgot to bring it with you. Small, but important details can be easily overlooked. Using a checklist can save your sanity.

RV Checklist gives you basic checklists for various camping scenarios. There are different checklists depending on your mode of camping, motorhome, fifth-wheel, pull-behind, etc. You can customize your list to meet your specific needs.

RV Checklist is available only for IPhone.


These Best Camping App Utilities Could Save Your Day

Your utility drawer is stuffed with things you probably don’t even think about. But, when that problem comes along – and you know they will – you are glad you had a way to fix it.

The apps listed above may be just what you need the next time you are on a journey.

What about you? Do you have any utility apps you consider best camping utilities? If so, would you let me know about them? Please leave a comment below? Thanks.

Happy Camping





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