Books for RVers – Great Reads for a Happier Camper

Here are four great books for RVers. Instead of spending this off-season wishing you were camping, use it to take your camping game to the next level.

Maybe you have put your rig away for the winter. During the cold months, you savor the memories of your past camping adventures. At the same time, you anticipate the breaking of the weather. You can’t wait until you can again head out to your favorite camping haunts.

The winter does not have to be dead time. It doesn’t have to be an icy bridge to get you from Autumn to Spring. Use this winter to maximize your RV education.

Here are four books which are great reads and will enhance any RVer’s library. The information inside will open up additional camping opportunities. You will be equipped you to handle all sorts of RV problems.

books for rvers

Read these books and the folks in your camping circles will be looking to you for answers. In this short article, I will review four books that will

  • Provide you with hundreds of tips, hacks, and strategies to enhance just about every aspect of traveling in an RV.
  • Show you how to save thousands of dollars buying a quality used, late model RV. Included are easy to implement tips on how to find and inspect used RVs. Plus, you get proven strategies on how to negotiate the best price.
  • Need a camper, but you don’t have much money? How about a book that shows you how to turn an ordinary minivan into a camper for about $200? No kidding.
  • Heading into retirement, but don’t know if you will be able to afford the RV life? This book shows you how most retirees can live well in an RV on nothing more than Social Security.

Read on.

A Cornucopia of RV Tips, Tricks, and Hacksbest rv tips

Best RV Tips From RVTipOfTheDay,com edited by Steven Fletcher and Fran Crawford. This is a small encyclopedia of tips on nearly every aspect of living in an RV.

Edited by avid RVers with years of experience, the tips in this book are applicable to every type of RV. No matter what type of rig you own, you will find lots of good, usable information on these pages.

You will find chapters on RV maintenance and cleaning, boondocking, camping, travel and driving. There is really no stone unturned. They even cover RVing with pets.

The book is written in a very friendly and straightforward style, The book reads like one camper talking to another. The tips are clear, easy to understand and implement. They stay away from technical jargon. Words that may be unfamiliar are explained.

Best RV Tips can save you thousands of dollars and lots of stress. It can also add value and years to your RV.

This is a great reference to buy, read, and keep in your camper.

Looking for an RV? Read this Firstbooks for rvers

Buying a Used Motorhome by Bill Myers is, in my opinion, the very best book available on the subject. If you follow the steps and strategies laid out in this book, you will almost certainly save money.

You will also know what to look for so you don’t get burned in your motorhome purchase.

The strategies Myers presents are also applicable to other types of RVs, not just motorhomes. Bill focuses on motorhomes. He buys and sells them on a regular basis. He is an expert.

In this book, Myers shows you how to prepare to buy a motorhome, where to look. What are the tell-tale signs of a scam. You are walked through the process of contacting the seller, how to inspect the rig, and how to negotiate the best price.

Meyers shows you how to buy the right motorhome, from the right person, for the right price. You will know when to shake hands and write up a bill of sale, and when to cut bait and walk away.

What things should you always do before you drive off in your motorhome? Read Meyers book and you won’t be making critical mistakes at the end of the sale.

Buying a Used Motorhome is well written and easy to read. Bill Meyers has authored several books and his writing has a friendly, conversational tone.

If you are in the market for a motorhome, you simply can’t afford not to read this book.

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Turn a Minivan Into a Camper for About $200convert your minivan

Convert Your Minivan into a Mini-RV Camper, by William H Myers (the same Bill Myers who wrote Buying a Used Motorhome). Yes, believe it or not, you can convert a minivan into a livable motorhome for about $200. Myers shows you how in this book.

Convert Your Minivan takes you step by step through the conversion. The finished product gives you most of the comforts of a motorhome including a comfortable bed, a toilet, a small kitchen, plenty of storage cabinets, back up power supply, fan, heater, TV, small fridge, and more.

You are shown, step-by-step, everything in the conversion process. The conversion is astoundingly easy. You don’t have to be a carpenter, electrician, or plumber to do this.

When you read some of his suggestions, you may find yourself slapping your head thinking, “I should have thought of that.”

The presentation is straightforward. There are pictures to help you see how to do the various steps. The writing is clear and conversational. Myers presents both the advantages and disadvantages of camping in a minivan.

Even if you are not planning on converting a minivan, this book is worth reading. Reading Myer’s solutions to the space limitations of a minivan will open your mind to greater possibilities for whatever mode of camping you prefer.

Retire to a Motorhome? It’s More Affordable than You Thinkbooks forrvers

Motorhome and RV Retirement Living – The Most Enjoyable and Least Expensive Way to Retire, by Jerry Minchey.

People living in their RVs is a growing trend in North America. There are now thousands of people who call their RV, “home.” This is not for everybody, but if you want to enjoy the RV lifestyle in retirement, Jerry Minchey has good news for you.

The RV lifestyle is very affordable. Jerry Minchey and many other full-time RVers claim that it is cheaper to live in an RV than in a “sticks and bricks,” that is, a traditional home. It’s cheaper if you know how to get the most for your money. In Motorhome and RV Retirement Living, Jerry shows you how.

This is an easy to read, step-by-step book that will help you understand first of all if this lifestyle is right for you. No matter how cheap it is, if you end up hating it, don’t do it.

Minchey walks you through what its like to live full time in a motorhome. He does so himself. He shows you the highs and the lows. You make your own decisions.

Jerry gives you tips on how to sell your possessions. He walks you through how to set up your permanent address and how to get your mail once you are on the road.

You are shown how to find inexpensive and even free camping. You will learn how to get internet access and even how to get short-term jobs that will augment your new lifestyle.

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Motorhome and RV Retirement Living is a great read. After reading a few chapters and you will be thirsting for the freedom and adventure of life on the road.

I’ve included convenient links to Amazon to make it easy if you want one of these books.

Do You Know any Great Books for RVers?

What are you planning to read this winter? Have you read one of the books reviewed above? If so, what was your impression?

Have you read any other good books on camping or traveling in an RV? If so, would you leave a comment in the box below? I’d love to discuss your favorite camping book. I may even review it in a future post. Until then…

Happy Camping





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  1. Great post! My mother and father in-law typically spend a lot of time RVing in the summer. They are actually in the market for a new one (finally). I do find they complain a lot in the cold months about missing their RV adventures, so I think your post has helped me find them their birthday gifts this year! I’m thinking “Best RV Tips” and “Buying a Used Motorhome” will suit my needs the best here.
    Thank you for the helpful recommendations!

    • Hi Brittaney, thanks for stopping by. Both of those books are full of information that will help RVers of every experience level. Newbies and veteran RVers will find helpful tips in these books. I wish your parents many fun camping adventures.

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