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This is a fantastic time to be a camper. There are new technologies and new products making their way into the market. Nearly every day, we hear of wonderful gadgets that make camping cheaper, safer, or more fun. A great way to learn about these new wonders – and about camping in general – is by reading blogs written by campers.

The internet has made finding camping related information a snap. There are thousands of websites dedicated to the various facets of camping. Websites, blogs, YouTube videos are posted by Manufacturers, sales companies, and individual campers like you and me.

Full-Time Campers Have Knowledge to Spare

I like to read the blogs of full-time campers. I also read blogs of the so-called “weekend warriors.” (Hey, I am one.) The blogs of the full-timers are stuffed with good, timely information.

That stands to reason when you think about it. Full-timers have to solve all the problems that inevitably pop up. They grapple with the issue of living in a compact space and deal with the nearly non-stop maintenance and repairs.

Living on the road means they have to find water and make electricity in places where there may be no hookups. There are logistical problems of finding remote camping areas which may not be located on maps. Many depend on the internet for part or all of their income. They have to be able to find internet service or get a cellphone signal in remote places.

When you read the full-timers blogs, you learn the ways they have met these challenges.

Many full-timers claim they can live on the road for less money per month than people living in traditional homes. This means they have discovered ways to live within a tight budget. They have figured out how to find the grocery stores. This is not a slam-dunk when you are in an unfamiliar area.

They know how to take care of the laundry, how to find places to empty their holding tanks and get water. Full-timers use many of the new appliances and gadgets that are coming out. It is very helpful to hear from someone who has real experience using one of these devices.

Here is a few of the blogs I check regularly and a few reasons I think you should make these part of your regular reading.

RV Geeks

With over 14 years as full-time RVers, the RV Geeks site is a treasure chest of information, advice, and how-to videos. If you want step-by-step instructions on a host of maintenance, repairs, and upgrades, you will want to check out the RV Geeks. The RvGeeks’ videos are as entertaining as they are informative.

There are also scores of reviews on products they have actually used. Their reviews are honest and straightforward, not a sales pitch in disguise.

New content is added regularly. Check them out.

Cheap RV Living

Bob Wells is a full-time van dweller. Bob first became a van dweller out of necessity. He got his baptism by fire, or should I say, “by ice?” You see, Bob was living is Alaska at the time. Bob learned to survive, then thrive living in a van. Bob says he loves the freedom the van dwelling lifestyle gives him. His love of his lifestyle and his desire to share it with others comes across in every post and every video Bob publishes.

Bob believes a van dweller could get by on as little as $500 per month. It would be a spartan existence to be sure. Bob even provides a sample budget using real prices to demonstrate how this could be done.

Bob shows in detail how to manage every aspect of life on the road. Much of the information he shares is of great value to all types of campers. Bob offers how-tos, product reviews, and interviews of other folks who live a full-time RV lifestyle. I learn a great deal reading Bob’s blog and watching his YouToube channel.


Cherie Ve Ard and Chris Dunphy are Technomadia, two technomads who live full-time in small spaces. Presently, they split their time between a yacht and a fully remodeled 1961 tour bus. Before this year, Cherie and Chris spent several years on the road in their bus and other RVs.

Technomadia is a pair of technically adept people who live on the road. They are technical nomads, hence the name. Their site combines blogs with videos. There is a cornucopia of information for campers including interviews with people from all walks of life who have given up their “sticks and bricks” home and have adopted the RV lifestyle.

Cherie and Chris have written the book on how to find internet and cell phone signals while traveling – literally. Their book, RV Mobile Internet Resource Center is considered the bible for folks who travel but need to stay connected.

Technomadia experiments and reports on cutting edge technology which will one day make off grid living as easy as connected living is today. Their blogs and videos deal with a wide range of topics, from WiFi routers and cell phone boosters all the way to which campers membership club is the best deal.

Check out their site. You won’t be disappointed.

Wheeling It

Billing itself as “Living the full-time RV dream with 12 paws, 40 feet and the open road.” Wheeling It is Nina and Paul with their dog, and two cats traveling in “the Beast,” a 40-foot Holiday Rambler motorhome.

Nina and Paul’s website and blog is a beautiful, easy to read compendium of their camping adventures and the wisdom they have picked up on the road. The site features great stories and beautiful pictures. There are RV tips and easy to do RV modifications.

Wheeling It provides campground reviews from their many stops all over the US. Their reviews include lots of pictures. You get a real feel of what the campground is like. They include useful information on camping with pets and several tasty recipes.

RV Travel

RV Travel is an all-inclusive general information website and blog for RV campers. They have a large section devoted to beginning RVers. This is a great place to start if you are curious about RVing or want to learn more about it.

Camping industry news is also featured on their site including news of RV manufacturer recalls. Yuk! But, if you own one of those RVs, you will want to know. You can also subscribe to their free newsletter.


Where Do You Go for Camping Info?

What camping blogs do you read? Do you subscribe to any YouTube channels? Newsletters? Please let me know, I am constantly on the lookout for new sources of camping information. So, leave a comment for me in the space below. You never know, your favorite blog may be featured in a future article.

Happy Camping.





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Camper Joe


  1. Hey Joe, great post. I someday want to be a “full-time Camper”, touring the country in my RV. That’s the goal. Love the reviews of the different blogs out there, I will be sure to check them out. For now, it is just weekend trips.

    • Hi Patricia, thanks for stopping by. There is lots of great information available from full-time RVers. If you are going to go full time, you want info from people who really know the ropes. I will be having some more info for full-timers soon.

      There is nothing wrong with weekending. That’s what we have to do. I really enjoy it and we meet so many wonderful people.
      Happy Camping.

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