Christmas Gift Ideas for Campers

gift ideas for campers

It’s holiday shopping time. Here are some great Christmas Gift Ideas for Campers. Christmas is a great time to show your love to the special camper in your life.

Products that enhance camping or increase enjoyment of the outdoors, make great Christmas gifts. Imagine the smiles of delight on the faces of your favorite camper when they open one of these gifts.

Take a look at these great gift ideas. Whether you are buying for you or someone else, there are items here that are sure to please.

Wireless Rear Vision Camera

There are times when you just have to see what’s behind you. Every who drives a motorhome, or tows a trailer, knows the dangers of changing lanes or backing in. A rear vision camera will make these tricky maneuvers much safer. You cangift ideas for campers now eliminate most of the blind side behind you.

Rear Vision cameras have improved greatly since they were first introduced. Today’s cameras have better picture quality, night vision capability, and color. “Wireless” means the picture is transmitted from the camera to the monitor without the need of a hard-wire connection. You still need to wire both to a 12V power supply. This is accomplished fairly easily. The monitor usually runs off an adapter that plugs into the cigarette lighter. Your camera can be wired to the back up lights or to the running lights. Because the camera is wireless, it can be configured to work in a motorhome, fifth wheel, or travel trailer.

A Rear vision camera can enhance safety by nearly eliminating the blind spot behind the RV unit. These devices were originally used solely to help RVers back up their rig. Today there are units available today can operate continuously. These act as a video “rear view mirror.”

DhonesBest Back Up Camera is a highly rated, mid priced rear vision camera. It comes with a 7″ HD monitor and had infra Red night vision to assist with backing up your rig at night. The 150 degree wireless, rear-mounted camera gives a wide field of vision.

The DhonesBest is easy to install. The monitor plugs into your cigarette lighter, and the camera can be wired to your backup lights and will work when you are in reverse gear. Or, you can wire it to your running lights and the camera will work continuously.

The DhonesBest has two video inputs. A second, wired camera can be added. You can mount this camera to see the passenger side blind spot to help you make safer lane changes.

Click the picture and order your DhonesBest today.

Coleman Portable Kitchen

On those hot, sunny days, don’t cook inside. You will make your RV hotter than a sauna. Your air conditioner can’t handlegifts ideas for campers that extra heat. Instead, take your food prep outside.

This portable kitchen from Coleman will provide the perfect place to prepare your meal. The 31″ x 21″ table is great for chopping ingredients. A side table, 27″ x 21″, will accommodate most Coleman stoves or coolers.

There are hooks for utensils, a place to hang a lantern, and some additional storage under the main table. The Coleman Portable Kitchen is light but sturdy, folds easily, and fits into its compact case for easy carrying and storage.

Yeti Cooler

The makers of the wonderful Yeti Coffee Tumbler, now make a practically indestructible cooler. The manufacturers say it is “bear resistant”. The Yeti Cooler is well insulated and features an excellent seal and latch system.gift ideas for campers

With proper use, the Yeti will keep your food fresh much longer than those inexpensive coolers sold at discount stores. All this adds up to fewer trips to the camp store to buy ice.

Pictured is the Yeti Tundra 45. It is large enough to accommodate 26 cans plus ice. There are larger and smaller sizes available. To see more Yeti coolers and to order yours, just click on the picture.

Garmin GPS for RVs

You are probably aware of the benefits of using a GPS. Now you can buy a GPS specially programmed for RV drivers. Whether you drive a motorhome, fifth wheel, or travel trailer, this GPS is set up to cater to the special needs you havegift ideas for campers driving your rig.

The Garmin 660LMT 6 inch Navigator is packed with RV friendly features. You can custom route your trip according the size and weight of your RV. The elevation map tool shows you possible steep grades along your route. You will receive warnings for bridge heights, steep grades, sharp curves, weight limits and more. Easily modify your route just by touching the screen.

Don’t fumble with campground catalogs to find an RV park. With the Garmin 660 LMT6, you can easily locate your next stay by touching an icon on the screen. You can filter your park search according to your favorite amenities. Need a place that accommodates pets? Just select that feature. Press another icon, and your Garmin will help you find RV services.


See nature up close. These Bushnell H20 Waterproof/Fogproof Roof Prism Binocular will give you an up-close view of gift ideas for campersthe beautiful outdoors in dazzling brilliance. Birds, wildlife, mountain ranges will seem close enough to touch.

Bushnell has been a leading name in binoculars for over half a century. Their products are known for their affordability and remarkable clarity.

This well-built, light, but rugged binocular will be just the thing to make those hikes truly memorable. The image rendered by the Bushnell H2O is bright and clear. Non-slip rubber casing provides a comfortable grip and absorbs shock. The binocular is 100% waterproof. It is o-ring sealed and nitrogen purged for reliable fog free performance.

What’s on Your Christmas List?

For your convenience, every item in this article is linked to its sales page on Amazon. Just click on the picture or on the heading and you will be taken to a page where you can get more info on the product. You can also see other products, and order the one that best fits your needs.

What are you hoping to find under your tree? What things will you be buying for the campers in your life. Please let me know. You can leave a comment in the box below. I may even use your gift suggestion in a future article. Enjoy your camping gifts and have wonderful holidays.

Happy Camping.






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Camper Joe


  1. I am a backpacker and camper and I love outdoor gear! That Yeti cooler looks awesome and the fact that its bear resistant makes it even more attractive. I often camp in bear country and it is a hassle to store the cooler in the bear locker.

    My wishlist would include a nicer camp stove, a hammock, and a small solar charger for cell phones and ipods.

    • Hi Katie, Thanks for stopping by. The Yeti cooler is a beast. Like all coolers, it works better if you do not leave it out in the sun. The article about Christmas Stocking Stuffers has a very nice hammock. It folds up small and can easily be carried in a backpack. Here is a link: Great Stocking Stuffers for Campers

      A solar cell phone charger is a great thing to have. Did you know BioLite made a camp stove that converts the heat into electricity for charging USB devices like cellphones,

      Thanks for your comment and have fun camping.

      – Joe

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