Funny Camping Stories – To Warm You This Winter

funny camping storiesHere are four funny camping stories for you to enjoy.

Who can count the many benefits to the camping lifestyle. Camping trips produce long-lasting memories. There are so many surprises, I am always fascinated by the people I meet, some wonderful, some a little strange, and some strangely wonderful.

What about the things that go wrong? When it happens, it’s frustrating. Later on, it becomes the story you tell the most.

Don’t forget the happy moments sitting out under the stars. We have a treasure chest of fun memories. Some were not so funny while they were unfolding. Today though, we look back and laugh. I wouldn’t trade these moments for anything.

Exactly How Do You Back This Thing In

Our first RV was a Starcraft Pop-up. We loved that thing. We took it out as often as we could. Even though I practiced, I never could get the hang of backing it onto the campsite. If we didn’t get a pull-through site, I was in big trouble.

We were spending a weekend near Baltimore. My sister lived in the vicinity and she was going to show us that city’s fabulous inner harbor and aquarium. We were also going to see some things in Washington DC.

We arrived at the campground and were assigned a site. I found it and proceeded to back in. The camper was way off. So I tried again, and again, and again. I jackknifed the rig so I pulled forward several feet. Soon, I was way out of position. The road looped, so I pulled the trailer around and positioned myself for another attempt at backing in.

On the campsite next to ours, there was a thirty-foot travel trailer with an attached screen house. There was a man sitting funny camping storiesin the screen house. He begins calling to his wife, “Hey, Millie, come here. You’ve got to see this. It’s amateur night!” I remember thinking, “Gee thanks, guy.”

There was a long fence directly across from our site. The fence enclosed the campground’s large playground. Our son was about two at the time. The campground owner thought we would like that spot because of the proximity to the playground.

The man calls out to me, “Yo, buddy, get your rig as close to the fence as you can. Get it real straight. Cut your wheels to the right and back right in.” I tried what he said but to no avail.

After several more attempts, he approached my car. “Yo, buddy, I drive eighteen wheelers for a living. I can put your pop-up on your site if you want me to back that thing in. It is a piece of cake for me.”

I put the car in park and let him get behind the wheel. He straightened out the rig, put the car in reverse and put that camper on our site in about ten seconds. I think he drove it better backward than I drove it frontward.

We got set up and had a great weekend and we got to bring home a funny camping story.

A Teething Two Year Old Screams All Night

We were camping near my wife’s parents home in Lancaster, PA. Our son was two years old and cutting molars. He woke up in the middle of the night, screaming. A quick investigation of his mouth revealed bright red, swollen gums.

Nothing we could do would placate him. The poor child was in pain. I put him in his stroller and proceeded to walk him around the campground. Walking seemed to help. He didn’t cry as long as the stroller was moving. The minute I stopped, the screaming resumed.

There was an elderly couple staying on the site next to ours. They had a small travel trailer. Their rig was pretty close to ours. The top walls of a pop-up are canvas and screen. Normal conversation in a pop-up can be heard outside. Our son was much louder than a normal conversation. We were certain we were ruining the sleep of the folks next door.

My wife had given our son some children’s pain reliever. I decided I’d just walk him until he went to sleep. About an hourfunny camping stories later, he was asleep in the stroller and I put him back to bed.

My wife and I were mortified because our son’s crying had ruined sleep for the couple next door. We went over to their campsite the next day to apologize. As we were making our Mea Culpas, the man and his wife looked at us with puzzled expressions. “We didn’t hear a thing,” the man said. “No, I didn’t hear anything,” said the lady.

We were relieved. The apology wasn’t a total loss, we made new camping friends. That man and his wife were really nice people.

We still talk about that weekend. It is one of our favorite funny camping stories.


No Backup Plan

Here is a funny camping story that happened when the transmission on our tow vehicle began to fail.

Our church denomination had a campground about fifty miles from where we lived. Every year we took our kids and our pop-up to camp meeting to spend an extended stay with our church family.

When I got to the campground, I discovered the car would not back up. We no longer had a reverse gear. I guess that is to be expected when you tow a pop-up with a sedan. Pop-ups are light for travel trailers. The ground was flat I could maneuver it into place

The camp meeting was fine. We had no trouble hitching up our rig when the festivities were over. On our way home we were driving through a rural area. It was dark. There was a left turn I had to make. I misjudged it and turned into someone’s driveway.

The car would not go into reverse. We knocked on the door of the house. No answer. The driveway was about seventy-five feet long. At the end of the driveway was a large, grassy yard, I thought maybe I could drive into the yard, make a big circle, and drive out. That might not be legal, but I was sure the owners didn’t want to return home and find people camping in their driveway.

I put the car in gear and drove down the driveway, around the yard, and back out. Stopping only to pick up my wife, we made the proper turn the second time and headed home.

Homemade Amish Apple Pie

Out of our many funny camping stories, this one may not bring outright laughter, but it is one of my favorites. It shows how a simple kindness can return a blessing.

We were camping another time in Lancaster County, PA. On Saturday, two Amish children, a boy, and a girl were riding through the campground on an open, horse-drawn carriage. They were selling homemade preserves, pies, and cakes.funny camping stories

We bought a cake and some preserves. I noticed the jars were old peanut butter and similar jars that were cleaned out and reused. The children had told us their mother had made the preserves and other goodies they were selling.

I happened to have a few empty jars with lids in my car, I don’t remember why I had them. I asked the girl If her mama would like some jars. “Ah, would she, the young girl exclaimed in the German accent of the Pennsylvania Dutch. I gave her the jars, They thanked me and left.

The children returned a few hours later. “Mister! Mister!” They called to me. The girl held up a pie. “Mister!” She handed me the pie. “Mama wants you to have this. She says thank you for the jars.” I didn’t know what to say. “Tell your mother, thank you.”

The pie was delicious.

Do You Have any Funny Camping Stories

What are your favorite funny camping stories? Would you share one with me? Leave a comment in the box below. I would love to read some unique things that have made your camping life special.

Happy Camping.





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