How Campers Beat the Winter Blues

campers beat the winter blues

Your RV may be winterized and stored away for the winter. It may seem like an eon between now and that Spring shakedown trip. However, winter is a great time to prepare for next season. There are lots you can do now that will make next Summer a time of great memories. Read on and I will show you how campers beat the winter blues.

You now have this whole season to get ready, to plan. During these days you can put together the pieces for a really good Summer. Here are a few things you can do to make camping a year round activity.

Plan Next Year’s Camping Trips

What places would you like to see? The beauty of camping is you can decide where you want to go. Are there places on campers beat the winter bluesyour bucket list, you haven’t seen yet? Or, perhaps there are places you want to give a second look. This is a great time to begin learning more about those places you want to travel.

Make a list of these places. Look online and call or email for brochures. Get an idea of prices, amenities, nearby attractions, whatever interests you. As you complete your information picture, you will see some of your trip ideas are more practical than others. This is a great way to narrow your list down, maximize your summer and your money.

There is no shortage of places to get travel information, so get started.

Read and Participate in RV and Camping Forums

Winter is the perfect time to connect with other campers. There are hundreds of RV and Camping forums on the internet. Many are free to join and you can get a ton of information often from the experience of other campers.

Maybe you have had a problem with your rig. It is quite possible there will be a camper with same make and model rig who has experienced the same problem and be able to guide you quickly to the solution. Are you thinking about exploring a destination for the first time? There will be campers who have been there before who can point out the must see and must do places while steering you away from the tourist traps.

You will also be able to share your knowledge and experience, thus helping your fellow camper. This camaraderie is one of the things that makes camping so enjoyable.

Who knows, you may even meet future camping friends. Folks have formed life long friendships from acquaintances begun on online forums. Like to camp in groups? You are bound to find groups of campers who are planning round ups and meet ups. If the group and destination meets your liking, let them know. There is often room for one more.

Some great RV forums:

  • RVillage – My favorite. A really well done forum with lots of benefits. Free to join.
  • RV Net – Part of the Good Sam Club. You do not have to be a member to read the posts.
  • IRV2– Good, general information RV forum.
  • RV Forum – Lots of RV info and a forum
  • Fiberglass RV – This forum is exclusively for people with all fiberglass RVs, ex, Scamp, Casita, Oliver, etc. These folks so love their rigs, I just had to include it.



Check for Sales on Gear You are Planning to Buy

During the Winter, millions of campers pack their rigs away and engage in other activities. That means most of them are campers beat the winter bluesnot buying gear. Meanwhile, for the manufacturers and distributors of camping gear, the bills keep coming in. They look for ways to generate cash. That is your opportunity to save on those gear purchases you were going to make anyway.

Thanks to the internet and lots of savvy marketers, there are not apps where you can input the product you want to buy and the app will send you an alert when the product goes on sale. Is that not cool?

Here is a link to one such app: Clipix

Plan Your RV Modifications

There are dozens of ways you can modify your rig to make it better for the way you want to camp. People add solar power systems, composting toilets, new or different couches, LED lighting, the list goes on. As I said in the section above, during the Winter you may be able to save money on some of those items.

Make a list of the items you want to add or change and begin gathering the things you need to make the modification. As soon as the weather breaks, you will be ready to make your modification. After all, Summer is for camping, not for working on your RV.

Likewise, plan your maintenance. You won’t be able to predict what might break on your rig. However, you do know if there are things that are on their last legs, or are just not performing to satisfaction. Plan to fix them or to have them fixed. This is also a good time to plan and even to do some routine maintenance. Plan when you are going to wash your rig, change the oil, filters, lubricate the seals, whatever needs to be done. Have a plan to do it so your rig doesn’t let you beat the winter bluesdown right when you need it.

Have Your RV Inspected

Do you have a reliable RV repair shop in your area. Winter i is the perfect time to get your rig inspected. A knowledgeable RV tech can often spot and fix potential failures before you are left high and dry. Wouldn’t you rather get your brakes fixed in the middle of February than in the middle of July when you are supposed to be on vacation?

If you haven’t met the folks at a nearby RV shop and began forming relationships with them, start today. A good RV shop will prove to be a valuable resource. RV shops often run Winter specials. It doesn’t hurt to ask, so call them.

Read Books; Visit Blogs

There are more resources online and in books than you will ever be able to absorb in a single Winter, or 100. You can however, bone up on a few areas of interest. Buy or borrow some books and spend time browsing blogs where ardent campers have lots of useful information for you.

Keep coming back here, I will be continually adding relevant information for you, I promise.

I have recently reviewed some books about camping and RVs. To read it, click here.

Here are some of my favorite camping/RV blogs:

  • Everything About RVing – The landing page makes the site look like it might be one, big ad, but there is lots of good information.
  • RV Life – Jerry Minchey is a full-time RVer with lots of useful tips for campers.
  • Cheap RV Living – Bob Wells is a full-time van dweller. His information is very applicable to all types of campers. Do you want to camp on a budget? Bob has got it figured out. His site and corresponding YouTube channel are some of my favorite stops on the web.
  • Traveling Robert – Robert takes his Mini-Winni just about everywhere. Check out his videos, they are a hoot.
  • Camping Our Way – A journal of camping trips and campground reviews.

Keep Camping

Where is it written you have to stop camping when the weather gets cold? People everywhere are discovering the joys of Winter camping?

To read more about the beauty of Winter camping, click here.

To learn tried and true ways to stay warm on those cold winter evenings, click here.

Winter Blues are Gone!

You won’t have time to be blue. You will be too busy getting ready for another season of great camping.

What do you do during the winter? Do you actively prepare for the next season? I would love to know, What are your favorite.websites, blogs, and forums? Please leave a comment in the box below and I will get back to you.

Happy Camping





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Camper Joe


  1. Great post! I love your ideas for how to beat the winter blues. It’s hard to stop camping once winter comes, but, like you said, you don’t have to. It’s always sad to put away the camping gear and know you have a few months before you can take it out again. Why not continue camping. There is camping gear for all kinds of weather. It may not be as enjoyable in the colder weather, but you’d be camping.

    Thank you for sharing these ideas. I will keep them in mind during this winter.


    • Thank you, Weston. There are lots of bargains available for campers who know where to look. This is also a great time for RV owners to make those modifications. Thanks for stopping by.

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