Level Mate Pro – RV Leveling System

Level Mate Pro
Finally, an easy to install, easy to use device that greatly simplifies the task of leveling your motorhome or pull behind RV. If you owned an RV for any length of time, you know the frustration of getting your rig level.

You drive or back your rig onto the leveling blocks and check the level only to find the rig is too low. You add another block drive onto it again. This time, when you check, it’s too high. Suppose it has started to rain. You get the picture.

Now the task of leveling your rig has been made much, much easier. All you need is the LevelMatePro and a smart phone or tablet.

A Level Rig is Essential to Happy Camping

It is important to get your rig level. Having a level RV enhances your camping experience 3 ways.

  1. Your Refrigerator has to be level in order to cool properly. If your RV has an absorption refrigerator, you need to your rig to be level. If the rig is not level, you fridge will not cool properly. Your food may spoil.
  2. Your doors, cabinet doors, and maybe even your drawers, will not open and close properly. The frame of your main entry door can even get bent and you may have ongoing problems opening and closing your door.
  3. A level RV is more comfortable. When your RV is not leveled properly, things may roll off counters. You may even roll out of bed.

You have to get your rig level. With the LevelMatePro that is easier than ever.

Eliminate the Guess Work In Leveling Your Rig.Level Mate Pro

The LevelMatePro is a small, easy to install, battery operated electronic device. It is about the size of a large candy bar. Once installed and set up, the LevelMatePro communicates via Bluetooth to the LevelMatePro app downloaded on your smartphone or pad computer. LevelMatePro works with both IPhone and Android devices.

When you pull into your campsite, the app tells you how much you have to raise one side of your rig to level it. If you drive a motorhomes, the device calculates the adjustment needed for each corner of the RV. LevelMatePro is much more accurate than the automatic leveling systems built into RVs. If you have an automatic leveling system, you can adjust each jack while looking at the app and know exactly when your camper is level.

If you don’t have an automatic leveling system, you can use the app to determine where to place your leveling blocks and how many you will need. With a little practice. you will be able to level your RV on the first try.

How it Works

First, you install your LevelMatePro in your RV. There is a full, detailed set of instructions. Installation is easy. Next, you level your rig. Then, you set up the LevelMatePro. This way the device always “remembers” the level position. When you pull into your campsite, the LevelMatePro knows how much adjustment you need to make. , and where you need to make it, to get your rig level.

You look at the screen on your smart phone or pad with the LevelMatePro app running. It shows an image of an RV with indicators as to where you need to raise it, and by how much, to get it level. The app works for both motorhomes and tow behind RVs.

Click here and you will be taken to the Amazon website where you can order your LevelMatePro.

Makes It Easy to Find Where the Ground is the Most Level.Level Mate Pro

If you are on a large, flat lot looking for a place to park for the night, your LevelMatePro can show you how level is the place you are driving over. Lots of places may look flat, but may actually have a slope that is not easy to see.

Some campgrounds will let you pick from available spots. You can drive through the campground and pick the spot where leveling will be easiest. Even when you have a reserved campsite, you can find that place on the site where leveling will be easiest.

If you are pulling a tow behind trailer, there is an additional feature. LevelMatePro can be set to remember the height of your hitch. When you are ready to leave, just set your hitch at this height and you’re ready to hitch up.

It’s Easy to Install and Simple to Operate

You have great flexibility in where on your rig you can install your LevelMatePro. Many people put it in a closet or cabinet. It fastens in place with two small screws. The LevelMatePro unit does not have to be level. When properly set up, it remembers the coordinates of its position.

Just keep in mind the range of the unit is about 50 feet. For longer, towable RVs, the manufacturer recommends placing the unit near the front of your rig. This way your phone gets the best signal.

Your LevelMatePro is powered by an easy to replace lithium battery. The CR2032 “coin” battery is widely available. The manufacturers have added an on/off switch which extends battery life. Your leveling coordinates are stored on a flash drive. You don’t have to set up the LevelMatePro again when the battery dies.

Best of All it’s Inexpensive.

As of this writing, the LevelMatePro sells for well under $150. It’s a small amount to pay to eliminate so much frustration. Get your camper leveled in no time and get on with the fun. After all, isn’t that what camping is about?

Click here to order your LevelMatePro now.

Have you used a LevelMatePro? If so, what was your experience? Please tell me in the comment section below. If you have a question about this product, just ask down in the comment section. I will be back promptly with an answer.

The technologies that enhance the camping experience are amazing. The LevelMatePro fits that description. When you get yours, please let me know how you like it.

Happy Camping






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  1. That’s actually really cool. I can safely say I was not aware that having a level RV was so paramount, let alone the problems that arise if it’s not. I’ve always wanted an RV though they just seem so awesome. But the levelmatepro definitely seems like a worthwhile investment for those that have one. What should you look for in an RV actually? Genuinely curious.

    • Hi, thanks for stopping by. Yes, leveling is very important. I have spent considerable time leveling our rig and I am grateful for devices like the LevelMatePro. If you are considering your first RV, first decide which type of RV is best for you. This may seem very complicated at first, but it is not. It’s simply a matter of preference. There are motorhomes.; They are the large truck and bus like vehicles that are a home on wheels. You might want a travel trailer. You’ve seen these being towed behind trucks. Some are small and light enough to be towed behind an SUV, There is a Fifth Wheel. They are towed by pickup trucks. The front end of the fifth wheel extends over the bed of the pickup while towing. This provides a better towing experience than a trailer. Then, there are Truck Campers. With a truck camper, the camping unit is placed directly onto the bed of a pickup truck. This type of camper is popular among hunters, but many family campers prefer them as well. Do lots of research and talk to owners. For your first RV, my suggestion is you buy a not too expensive used RV that still has a few years of good life left in it. These are available, but you have to look around. If you decide on a motorhome, you want to read Bill Myers book on buying a used motorhome. This book will save you thousands of dollars. If you have Amazon Prime, you can even read it free.

      If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask,

  2. That’s a pretty cool feature. I don’t have an RV right now, but used to go with my family all the time. Somehow I missed that having the RV so level was such a huge issue. You mentioned that RVs tend to have automatic levels inside them. Wonder why they haven’t made one that actually works yet. Do you think they will ever be able to build an RV where this isn’t such an issue or do the manufactures tend to just ignore this issue? Thank you!

    • Hi Zebra, the typical self-leveling jacks found in higher end motorhomes work to a certain extent. They often don’t get your rig level enough. These rigs are mass produced and often the specific measurements needed to produce a leveling tolerance of 1 degree (the tolerance of the LevelMatePro) is not possible. The hydraulic levelers have a push button system that operates each jack independently. After the RV owners pull into their spot and level, buttons are used to complete the process. The LevelMatePro takes the guesswork out of this. Here is a link to a video that shows exactly how it works. 

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