Must Have Camping Tools

The modern RV is a mini-home on wheels. Although they may be small, you have a set of complex systems bouncing must have camping toolsdown the road at highway speeds. Things are going to break, tear, jam, or come apart. Every camper needs a good set of tools. Let’s look at a few must have camping tools.

If you travel in an RV, it is good to become familiar with hand tools and basic repairs. If you are in a remote area and something breaks, it is good to be able to fix it. At least, you should be able to patch it together until you can get your rig someplace where it can be fixed.

Here are a few tools you should not be without. This is by no means a full camping toolbox, but I think you will agree these are must have tools for camping.

Mini Flashlightsmust have camping tools

The development of the LED light is revolutionizing camping. Most RVers are aware of the advantages of using LED lighting inside and outside of their rig. LED flashlights are also a great improvement over the old incandescent lamp flashlights.

LED mini flashlights are inexpensive. They can be stored practically anywhere. They operate on a few, small batteries. The batteries can last a long time before they need changing. These are cheap enough that you could put one in every drawer and every cabinet. You could never be less than an arm’s length from a flashlight.

These flashlights are small, just about four inches long. They put out a lot of light for their size. You can use them in tight spaces. They are dependable.

You never know when the lights will go out. It is great to have one of these handy. Need to go out at night? You have a small, dependable light you can easily carry. If one gets lost, they are not expensive. It’s not like losing a $30 tactical flashlight. I have several of these. You really can’t have too many.

LED Headlamp Another of the Must Have Camping Toolsheadlamp

I am going to let you in on something. When I first saw these, I couldn’t imagine myself wearing one. I thought I might look silly. These lights may remind you of the ones the miners wear on their helmets. It is an LED light that straps on to your head.

They give you an incredible amount of light, but the real genius of these things is that your hands are free. One night while I was fumbling around with a wrench and a bolt, I had the flashlight in my mouth, I began to understand what silly really looks like.

These headlamps are great. Whichever way you turn your head, you have light. They are very handy if you are setting up or tearing down in the dark.

A Versatile Multi-Toolmulti tool

There are almost infinite variations of the multi-tool. Closed, they are slightly larger and heavier than a large pocketknife. Opened, they look like a pair of pliers with fat handles. Inside those handles are knives, screwdrivers, saws, scissors, and an array of other tools.

You need to have at least one of these in your toolbox. There are so many things they can do. How often do you use a bottle opener? When you need one, it’s good to have one.

RVers have to travel light. You can’t carry every tool you might need. A good multi-tool can help bridge that gap. It really is another of the must have camping tools.

A Socket Wrench Setmust have tools

A good set of socket wrenches is a must. RVs are driven over highways, down pot-holed country roads, and on dirt roads. Your house on wheels is subject to earthquake (vibration) and hurricane (high wind) conditions every time you take it on the open road.

Many things in your rig are bolted together. Those bolts will work their way loose. A good set of sockets will help you keep everything nice and tight in your RV. Get a good set made of sturdy metal. Make sure you get all the most common size sockets. Don’t forget to get extenders to get into those hard to reach places.


A Multi-Bit Ratcheting Screwdrivermust have camping tools

You can carry many screwdrivers, or you can carry one screwdriver with many interchangeable bits. This tools versatility makes it one of our must have camping tools.

To get the best results, get a ratcheting screwdriver with three ratchet modes, clockwise, counter-clockwise, and locked. The locked position shuts off the ratcheting for those times you need to apply more torque.

Get a good selection of bits. RV manufacturers often install bolts with non-standard heads. Look for a screwdriver that comes with torx and square bits in addition to the more common slotted and Phillips bits.

I prefer screwdrivers with the bits stored in the handle. The bits are small. If they are stored separately, I lose them. I also don’t like the bits stored on the handle because they fall off too easily. (I lose them) Also, they can block my view of the tip going into the bolt head.

Gorilla Tapegorilla tape

This stuff is awesome. It is a really good, strong, bonding tape. They call it “Duct Tape on Steroids”. Gorilla tape is very good at sticking to uneven surfaces like wood, stone, brick, and stucco. An RVers toolbox is not complete without a roll or two of Gorilla Tape.

Gorilla Tape is very strong yet, as you take it off the roll, you can tear it with your hand. Gorilla Tape comes in various widths. It is also available in black or clear.

Rounding Out Your Toolbox

must have camping tools

These must have camping tools can really round out your toolbox. Of course, there are other tools you will want to have with you.

What are the tools you consider essential for camping? Are their certain tools you just can’t be without? Which tools do you want to add to your toolbox? Leave a comment in the box below. I love to discuss our must-have camping tools with you.

Happy Camping




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  1. All the products you list in this post are not an option when traveling. It is to be prepared for the unexpected as best you can. It is a necessity to be as self-sufficient as possible

    • Thank you, Maurice. When you travel with an RV, it is not a question of if something will break, but when. Why mess up your entire trip, or be in danger, over something you can fix. Get the tools. Be ready. Thanks for your input.

  2. I like those recommendations. I’ve been in the military before and we often used a multipurpose Swiss army knife for our field camps. I believe the versatile multi-tools is an upgrade to the Swiss army knife and will definitely help out when camping.

    I love the fact that you mentioned the socket wrench set as many people always forget to bring that out when they leave for long trips (For traveling or camping etc).

    Overall those were some good recommendations. I still have doubts about wanting to wear a LED headlamp for camping though haha

    • Hi Neil. Thanks for your comment. I agree, the headlamp is not fashionable. Having enough light to see and both hands free is really helpful. It must be catching on. I’m starting to see several models in stores. 

      As far as socket wrenches go, I have a few sets at home. I also carry a set in my car. They are cheap enough that you can have several sets. It always good to have a set of sockets nearby. 

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