RV Camping Gifts You Can Still Get by Christmas

Christmas is rushing fast upon us. It’s just a little more than a week away. Do you still have things you need to get for the camper on your list? Here are a few RV camping gifts you can still get by Christmas – as of this publication – but you had better act now.

Our list consists of practical gifts in several price ranges. These are items that are favored by campers and are sure to please the camper in your life.

Have a look.

Oxygenics Shower With 60″ HoseBest camping gifts

Imagine showering with slow flowing, tepid water while standing in a cramped, vertical, plastic coffin. If you have ever showered in an RV, you don’t have to imagine it, you’ve lived it. RV showers come under the heading, “better than nothing,” and people who camp in RVs are glad to have them.

An Oxygenics Shower can dramatically improve your RV shower experience. The Oxygenics shower head is a water saving, self-pressurizing device that gives you the best shower experience possible. It’s like having a spa in your hand.

The patented shower head increases the amount of oxygen in the water. It has a comfort control that adjusts from soft to stimulating and comes with a 5-foot hose.


Here is an unsexy but very practical gift, a tire pressure monitor. See our roundup here.

Inflatable Hot Tub

Who says you can’t have luxury on the road? Imagine after a day of outdoor fun and activity, relaxing in your very own hot tub. Now you can pamper yourself surrounded by heated water and soothing, relaxing bubbles.

This inflatable hot tub from Coleman is easy to carry and requires no tools for set up. Currently, the price is reduced and you can have it by Christmas, but you’ve got to act quickly.

Go for it!

Inflatable Queen Size Bed with Built-In Pump.RV Camping Gifts

Need an extra bed? Families love to camp together and you never know when some loved ones will be joining you on your camping adventure.

This queen-size bed fits in a bag and sets up in minutes. The best thing is when the bed is no longer needed, you simply let the air out and pack it back in the included bag.

This bed is lightweight, easy to store, yet strong and durable. The bed is 22 inches high when inflated. The built-in air pump will have mattress inflated to your desired firmness in about 4 and 1/2 minutes.

A New Sleeping Bag Might Be Just the TicketRV camping gifts

You can’t go wrong buying a new sleeping bag for your favorite camper. Here is a Red Camp cotton flannel sleeping bag. This bag is just right for the outdoors lover in your family. The bag pictured is the classic sleeping bag style. It has 3 pounds of fill and should provide comfort in temperatures down to 41 degrees F (5 degrees C).

The Red Camp sleeping bag has a two-way zipper. That means you can buy two bags and zip them together to make a double bag for couples.

You can get a variety of colors and up to 4 pounds of fill for colder camping. If the Red Camp bag doesn’t meet your need, Just click the link. It will take you to Amazon. There are hundreds of bags in all styles and colors.

Buy Them a Tent

What better way to give the gift of camping than to give them a quality tent. People still camp in tents. Not just backpackers, either. My love for camping was born when I was a kid, my uncle gave me a tent.

The tent featured here is a Coleman 8 person tent with an attached “cabin.” The cabin is a screened area you can sit and enjoy the outdoors.

There are hundreds of tents to choose from. You can select from an almost unlimited array of sizes and styles. Choose a tent that best meets the needs of the camper on your Christmas list. Look for a tent that sets up and folds up easily.

The tent featured here, and many others can be had by Christmas.

PowerGo 12-Volt Jump Starter and ChargerRV camping gifts

Every camper, for that matter every motorist, needs this. Here is a small device that will store a powerful electrical charge. The PowerGo is a 12 volt, 13600 mWh charger in a small package. It weighs less than three pounds and fits in the glove box.

You don’t know when your car or truck battery might be dead. Imagine the stress of boondocking with your cellphone battery indicator in the “Red” zone. The PowerGo solves both those problems. Now you can have some backup electrical power wherever you go.

When fully charged, this device can jump your vehicle’s battery 8 times. You can also charge cell phones and other small electrical devices from the USB port.

The PowerGo is easy to operate. It comes with jumper cables and a carrying case. It has a built-in LED light to help you see when it’s dark. The light can be set to flash to act as a safety warning signal.

Think the peace of mind you will have knowing you will be able to jump your battery and charge your phone.


Need more power? How about a portable generator.

How About an Inexpensive Waterproof Digital Camera?RV Camping Gifts

Check out this Vmotal waterproof camera. It’s a WIFI sports action camera waterproof to 17 feet and it doesn’t need an external clear case. It has built-in WIFI for remote shots, up to 66 feet.

You can take 16mp still photos and 4k video with time-lapse, loop recording and slow-motion modes. The two-inch HD screen on the back lets you see the live video as you shoot it. If you act quickly, this can be under your Christmas Tree.

Sometimes you have to use your cell phone as a phone. It great to have a camera that’s always a camera.

Christmas is Just a Little More Than a Week Away

Have you finished your shopping? If not, there are several things on the list above that make great presents.

I tell people I go Christmas shopping early in the morning on Christmas Eve because I hate waiting until the last minute. The truth is, I am nearly finished.

What are you getting for the campers in your family? Let me know. Please leave a comment in the box below. Then, go get your shopping done.

Happy Camping.







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