The Best Twin Air Mattress 2018 – A Great Night’s Sleep in a Bag

The inflatable air mattress is an inexpensive, easy to store item that no camper or RV owner should be without. Having an inflatable mattress or two can turn your vacant floor area into extra sleeping space. Camping enthusiasts like to travel in bunches. Come bedtime, that can be a problem. Not anymore. Check out our Best Twin Air Mattress 2018.

Now you can take the grandkids along, or invite a friend. You don’t have to worry that there is no guest room. With an inflatable air mattress, you add sleeping space. Come morning, you just deflate, roll it away and recover your living area.

In this article, I cover twin air mattresses. Sometimes these are called “Full Size.” By either name, you pack a lot of sleeping comfort into a small space.

You will see both high and low profile air mattresses. High profile mattresses range from 13 to 22 inches high and even higher. New construction technologies allow a higher profile without excessive sagging. With a high profile mattress, it is much easier to go from laying down to a standing position. It’s more like getting out of a traditional bed.

Low profile mattresses are practically floor-level Low profile mattresses are great for places with low ceilings. Use them in bunks, in tents, on bed stands, or on the floor. They are typically less expensive and pack smaller than their high profile counterparts. I feature Low profile mattresses in this article.

A Mattress for Every Budget and Need

You will see air mattresses at several price points. There are high quality, luxury mattresses as well as some economy models. Don’t spend a lot on an air mattress that only gets occasional use.

  • Economy Priced Mattress – to be taken immediately to this section, click here.
  • Mid-priced Air Mattresses – to be taken immediately to this section, click here.
  • Luxury Mattresses – to be taken immediately to this section, click here.

If you would like to read more about what to look for in an air mattress, click here.

As you look over each mattress, take note of the actual dimensions. The mattress you are looking at may not be the same dimensions as the corresponding innerspring mattress.
Check it out: The Best Twin Air Mattress 2018.

Economy Mattresses – Comfort on a Budget

Before you buy your mattress, think about how you are going to use it. If the mattress will often be used by people who have difficulty getting up from the floor, you want one of the high profile mattresses. I recommend a mattress 18 inches or taller. If your mattress will be used only occasionally, or by children, one of the lower priced mattresses may be your best bet.

Zaltana Single Size Air Mattress. This is the smallest mattress in this review (73 x 29 x 7.5 inches). If your space is limited and you need a bed, this could be just what you are looking for. This mattress is inexpensive and compact.

Made in the USA, a soft napping material covers the top of this mattress adding to its comfort. This is smaller than the typical twin mattress. It may be best suited for children. The mattress does not come with an air pump.

Product Specifications – Zaltana Single Size Air Mattress

  • Low Profile – Smaller than a twin, about the size of a sleeping bag.
  • Dimensions – 73 x 29 x 7.5 inches –
  • The top is covered with a soft napping material. PVC.
  • Does NOT come with an air pump. You will need a universal air pump to inflate this mattress.

Click here to order your Zaltana Single Size Air Mattress.

Intex Prestige Downy Airbed. This is a nice, inexpensive, basic air mattress. This is considered a “low end” air mattress, but it has some really nice features. It has the fabric flocked top which adds comfort and helps keep sheets in place. It also has a hand held battery operated air pump (2 “C” batteries, not included). The air pump can also inflate other items like pool toys.

Intex has a reputation for making quality air mattresses. The Intex Prestige is a durable, quality air mattress rugged enough for the great outdoors. Yet, it’s available at a very reasonable price.

Order your Intex Prestige Downey Airbed here.

Product Specifications – Intex Prestige Downy Airbed

  • Low Profile – Twin
  • Dimensions – 75 x 39 x 8.75 inches – 300 pound weight capacity.
  • Handheld battery pump. Uses 2 “C” batteries, not included.
  • 3 in 1, extra wide valve.
  • Folds compactly for storage.

MId-Priced Air Mattresses – Comfort on Demand

Coleman Quickbed Single High Twin. The Coleman name is synonymous with camping. So, it is no surprise they have a line of quality mattresses. The Quickbed is a durable, versatile, low profile air mattress.

From the velvety, flocked top to the built-in “wrap and roll” storage system, the Coleman Quickbed offers the kind of quality and durability needed in the outdoors. This air mattress was designed with the camper in mind, but is also handy to keep at home for an extra bed. Standard size twin sheets fit this mattress.

Product Specifications – Coleman Quickbed Single High Twin

  • Low Profile – Twin
  • Dimensions – 73 x 38 x 8 inches. 300-pound weight rating
  • Air-Tight system is factory tested to be free of leaks
  • Mattress does NOT come with an air pump.

Order your Coleman Quickbed Single High Twin Air Mattress here.


Intex Pillow Rest Raised Airbed with Built-in Electric Pump. Sleep like a baby on this inexpensive, high profile air mattress. It has a waterproof flocked top and vinyl beam construction for added support. There is a built-in pillow. Personally, I never saw much benefit to the built-in pillow, but you can easily use your own pillow and it works fine.

A powerful electric motor will inflate your mattress in about three minutes. Standard twin sheets fit the mattress and the high profile (16.5 inches) will keep you well off the floor and make it easier to go from laying to standing. This mattress is priced like a low profile mattress.

Get your Intex Pillow Rest Raised Airbed here.

Product SpecificationsIntex Pillow Rest Raised Airbed with Built-in Electric Pump

  • High Profile – Twin
  • 75 x 39 x 16.5 inches – 300 pound weight rating
  • High powered built-in pump. Inflates in about 3 minutes.

Luxury Mattresses – Like Sleeping on a Cloud

Etekcity Blow Up Elevated Raised Bed. Looking for a high-quality inflatable that sleeps like a real bed? Here it is. The construction of this high profile air mattress sets it apart from the others. Supporting weights up to 550 pounds, this inflatable has the strength to support you all night.

The high capacity, built-in air pump inflates your mattress in about 3 minutes. A built-in compartment for the power cord means you won’t be rummaging through drawers to find the power cord. Or worse, discover you’ve left it at home.

The .4mm thick vinyl fabric resists punctures and sliding. A flocked top adds comfort. The sides are slotted, regular twin sized, fitted sheets fit on this bed. This bed packs easily in the included travel bag.

Discover just how far inflatable mattresses have come.

Get your Etekcity Blow Up Elevated Raised Bed now.

Product Specifications – Etekcity Blow Up Elevated Raised Bed.

  • High Profile – Twin
  • Dimensions – 75 x 39 x 18 inches, 550 pound weight rating
  • High capacity, built-in, electric air pump. Inflates in about 3 minutes.
  • .4mm eco-friendly vinyl skin resists punctures and sliding.
  • Can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth.
  • Comes with a carry bag.

Aerobed Twin Premier Double High – Sleep like a baby on this raised air mattress. With the Aerobed, you rest on one of the most luxurious air mattresses on the market.

The Aerobed boasts multi-tiered construction and raised edging to give you support all night. The deep, plush top flocking is very comfortable. An anti-microbial sleep surface resists odor, mildew, and fungus.

When inflated the mattress top sits 16 inches off the floor making it easier to lay down and get up. It has slotted sides to fit standard fitted sheets.

A built in electric air pump will have your Aerobed fully inflated in about 3.5 minutes. The adjustable firmness wand lets you set the firmness just the way you like it. The Aerobed has a Perfect Pressure light. This tells you when the mattress is firm, and the “Woosh” valve has your Aerobed deflated and ready to pack in less than a minute.

Product Specifications – Aerobed Twin Premier Double High

  • High Profile – Twin
  • Dimensions – 74 x 39 x 16 Inches – Weight Rating 300 pounds.
  • Powerful Built-in Air Pump. Inflates mattress in about 3.5 minutes.
  • Antimicrobial Surface – Resists, odor, mildew, and fungus.
  • Perfect Pressure Light illuminates when mattress is firm.
  • Fits standard twin sheets.
  • Comes with convenient carry bag.

Get your Aerobed Twin Premier Double High. Click here.

A Decision You Won’t Lose Sleep Over

In fact, you’ll sleep pretty well. There is a mattress in the above roundup that will fit perfectly with your needs and budget. Having flexible sleeping spaces means being able to camp with more friends and loved ones.

Have any questions about air mattresses. Leave your question in the box below, and I’ll get back with an answer.

Let me know which air mattress you picked out and how it works for you.

Happy Camping.





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  1. Wow! This has to be by far the best, and most informative review of this type of product I’ve seen yet!

    I do a lot of camping in the North Georgia Mountains and I actually have the Intex Prestige Downy Airbed and absolutely love it!

    Thanks for the great review and keep it up!

    • North Georgia is beautiful. I love it up there. It’s very scenic. Thanks for your perspective on the Intex Prestige. We have a Queen Size Intex. We have gotten several years use out of it. There was even a time when my son was moving that he used it as his everyday bed for about 6 weeks.

      Happy Camping 

  2. The first time I came to your site i was amazed with you review here. You have cover each of these so well.
    based on your review and recommendation I bought the Etekcity Blow Up Elevated Raised Bed. I love this thing!
    It really is like sleeping on a cloud!
    Also for right around $80, I personally feel like this is a great deal. This bed is super cozy and well built.
    Thanks for the recommendation!

    • Thank you, Brendon. Glad you like the Etekcity mattress. It means a lot to me to know how well the products are doing.

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